Our Services and Products


We want to bring more value and efficient function to your closets and cabinets, so we offer many options to maximize space. Here are some of the accessories we offer:

Valet Rods • Belt Racks • Tie Racks • Jewelry Drawers • Hooks • Roll out Laundry Bins • Cubbie Baskets (in Wicker, Canvas, and Wire) • Roll out Wire Baskets • Folding Ironing Boards • Ski Racks • Wine Racks • Lighting • Hanging Wallboard (Slotwall) • Upgraded Pulls and Knob


In today’s home, the kitchen is the center of activity. Because we cook, work, and socialize here, it is important to stay organized. From displaying china, to storing food staples, to hiding your small appliances, we can customize your pantry to fit your needs.


A walk-in closet gives you organization that you can get in no other way. Being able to see all of your clothes and accessories at the same time, saves you valuable time and frustration. We can design your walk-in closet to fit your specific needs and desires, while showing your personal taste and style.


When a reach-in closet space is all that is available to you, it’s important to utilize that space fully and efficiently. Our designs take into account how you will use the space and what you will store there. We will maximize it’s usefulness while giving you a closet that is beautiful as well.


A messy garage is a place we try to avoid, but a well organized garage can be a thing of beauty. Storage cabinets, workbenches, shelves, drawers, and wall organizers can transform your garage into a place you love to use and brag about.

Laundry Room

Efficient utility and organization can help you get the job of doing the laundry finished quicker. Hanging spaces, counters for folding, and accessories like roll out bins and fold out ironing boards will make this an easy task.

Mud Room

Entering the house can leave piles of clutter near the door, but a well-designed mudroom easily stores and organizes your things for the next trip outside. Individual cubbies with hooks for coats and backpacks, space for shoes, baskets for gloves, hats and sportsgear will all help keep your life in order.


Whether your library is floor to ceiling, just a small nook, or part of your home office, it should be a place where you can relax and enjoy your favorite books. We offer completely adjustable shelving that is custom built for your library, so your favorite spot to read is functional and beautiful.